This Packable Solar-powered Lantern Is a Must-have for Camping

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When you’re camping, the last thing you want to be is stuck in the dark. Luckily, there are plenty of portable lanterns on the market that will help you light up your tent, car, campsite, and more. And this solar-powered one is an Amazon shopper favorite for good reason.

The LuminAID PackLite Firefly USB Solar Inflatable Lantern provides plenty of light (75 lumens of warm LED light, to be exact), in addition to being portable and easy-to-charge. Just one lantern can light up to 125 square feet, providing plenty of light for tents and small campsites. Choose from traditional light or a candle flicker mode for an extra cozy feel. Plus, each lantern provides up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge, and it can be recharged either via solar power or USB.

This lantern is also ideal for travel because of its durable and packable design. It’s made from heavy duty TPU, a strong, rubber-like material, that’s both waterproof and dustproof. It also doesn’t get hot, unlike many other lanterns, so it’s safe to use in tents and around children. And when it’s not in use, you can easily collapse the lantern for simple storage.

Amazon shoppers rave about this lantern, with many saying it’s a must for camping trips and outdoor adventures. “We use this for tent camping. It charges even in low light settings and keeps a charge even in storage. The bright setting easily lights our whole 8-person tent with enough light to read by. The diffused light makes it easy to use without glare and disperses the light over a large area. It was left on for 3 to 4 hours each night and charged on the dash of the car every day. Never saw a decline in the battery. It easily inflates and deflates, when deflated it is quite small and easy to pack. Wish I had bought more than one,” one reviewer wrote.

Another shopper wrote about how impressed they were with the lantern’s battery life. “I can not explain how happy I am with this!! First off it charges super fast. I was shocked that with it being cloudy it charged so well. Also, the charge holds! We bought this for camping and it stayed on for an easy 12 hours (while in at night and used as a night light for the kids) and the battery wasn’t even half way used!”