Schererville residents installing solar panels, prompting others who are curious to do research | Local News

The Carlsons are looking to pay back the system in 13 years after installing the new furnace.

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The Carlsons’ average electric bill in 2020 was $186 per kilowatt hour usage per month for their about 3,000-square-foot, split-level, five-bedroom home.

Along with slashing their monthly bill, residents and businesses can receive credits for excess energy they generate at a 1:1 ratio through net metering, said Carolyn Vann, a member and former co-president of Solarize Indiana, a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization across the Hoosier State. Vann added instead of net metering, some utility companies offer net billing. 

Vann, and her husband, John, give presentations on solar energy with the group, which aims to explain solar and simplify the process, Carolyn Vann said. 

The Vanns also installed solar panels on their home in East Central Indiana in 2018. 

“This isn’t necessarily the way we stress it in our presentations, but our primary motivation was to help combat climate change,” John Vann said. “In addition to that, there’s the avoided cost of buying electricity from the grid.”

“The prices are going up so high every year with the utilities, that it really makes a lot of sense,” Carolyn Vann added. “I think the main motivation for most people looking into it is the financial aspect of it, and the independence from a utility.”