Road releases new song “Solar Power”

Lord joins Zane Lowe at Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily to discuss the long-awaited new single “Solar Power.”

She wants Zane to film the leak of the song, the origin of the track, the summer of New Zealand, why Jack Antonoff is a “great collaborator”, and that one of her songs has another vocalist for the first time (Phoebe).・ Bridgers and Clairo). She also reached out to Bobby Gillespie for blessings, with Primal Scream being the song’s “spiritual pioneer” and the group’s “loaded” being the “100% original blueprint.” Sharing that.

Lord tells Apple Music about a leak of “solar power” …

I mean, I love it. Children are insane. I love it. I respect it. I love how hungry they are. Tonight is a solar eclipse, you know, you have to obey the atmosphere.

Lord tells Apple Music about the origin of “solar power” …

I was on Martha’s Vineyard with my best friend Kazy and stayed at her house. We were swimming all day long. When my hair was wet and I returned to my room, I made a few Yamaha DX keyboards and started singing. What is this for me? For me, a Robbie Williams song, it felt like a “rock DJ”. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I love it. And I think I had it tidy up and had a paddle board, which was very natural, like a fun extension of a really great day. Then I think I brought it back to the city of Jack, and as you know, we had all the windows open. It was summer. And when we followed it. In the past few summers, I have sampled cicadas on my mobile phone. It seemed that the cicadas had to be included. I wanted to take a very concrete picture of New Zealand’s summer.

Lord tells Apple Music about recording “solar power” …

Hey you. Well, that was very new to me. As you know, in my teens and early twenties I tightened snares, hi-hats, and made everything as sterile as possible. And this was a completely opposite approach. I had some incredible summers. It should be as if the sound is raw, foggy and savage. And it was the best five. There was the legendary most amazing drummer, Matt Chamberlain.

Lord told Apple Music that Primal Scream’s “loaded” was the original blueprint for “solar power” …

I have never heard of Primal Scream in my life. I was told to check them. When I write a song on the piano, it sounds like “loaded”. It’s just one of those crazy things, like they were the spiritual pioneers of the song. I contacted Bobby, and he was very nice about it. And he was like these things happening, as you know. You have captured the atmosphere we captured many years ago. And he gave us his blessing. So, assuming the record state “loaded” is 100%, this is the original blueprint, but it has reached organically. And I’m glad we did.

Lord tells Apple Music why Jack Antonoff is an “incredible collaborator” …

Yeah, he’s just an incredible collaborator. You know, he’s depressed by any thought. And when I came to him about this album, I seemed to have this crazy vision. Prepare all these organic instruments. You play the shit guitar and see what happens. And he was kind of cool. Okay. Sounds good. And we just had the best time. He’s just down for what he’s doing. I love it about him.

Lord tells Apple Music that another vocalist will appear for the first time in one of her songs, such as Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo …

I love those girls very much. They killed it with the song. I was like a friend of a female vocalist of the divine layer who could participate in this. And they were both just crushed. I was very happy to have them. Very talented, very cool, there was no other voice in my song. This is the first time people have sung with me. I knew it had to be a gangster. There are some great male musicians from New Zealand as well. James Milne and Marlon Williams. And I just yeah, it was more like this record than any record I made. I’m not the only one you know, it’s my friends, my family and my country. And I knew it wasn’t just, emotions weren’t just delivered by me. Oh yeah, that’s really all I wanted in terms of carrying others. It’s fun not to be alone. At the end.

Lord tells Apple Music about the importance of rejuvenation and how the New Zealand summer influenced her next album …

So when you come from our hometown, it’s very valuable just to go home. Especially during the summer, there are solid places like 5 months where you don’t want to think about work. .. I would like to think about the ebb and flow of the tide, the state of fishing, the state of the sun of the day, and so on. And it’s very valuable to me and to my process. And I think people now understand me. I have to go away and understand it. I will come back and bring you the complete universe. But it takes 1 minute. Oh yeah, yes, it was very good. And I feel like I can hear it throughout the work or the album. And yes, when we were sitting and talking, it felt light, casual and playful. That is the zone I am in. m in. And yeah, I hope it gets translated.

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