Opinion: Utilities’ power play will hurt solar energy conversion efforts

Re “Debate begins over updating California’s rooftop solar rules” (March 15): Changes proposed by San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Electric to California’s rooftop solar net metering structure could kill my business (Aloha Solar Power) and thousands of other small businesses that make up the California solar industry.

The proposal could impose an average fixed monthly fee of $90 on new solar customers, making rooftop solar a difficult sell for working-class folks who could otherwise benefit from solar savings after an incredibly tough year.

Our state’s solar industry is driven by small businesses like mine that generate billions in local investments in both rural and urban communities.

The industry employs more 70,000 Californians who earn a living building solar.

This fee would cripple small businesses and cost us thousands of local, good-paying jobs.

We cannot allow these utilities to stifle our local economies and prevent people from benefiting from reliable, affordable clean energy.

Gabe von Wellsheim

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