Ocala celebrates year using solar power through FMPA partnership

The city of Ocala is one of a few cities across the state that receives power from Harmony Solar and Taylor Creek Solar energy sites, which have contributed over 370,000 megawatt hours since they began operations last year. 

Ocala began its relationship with the Harmony Solar Energy Center and Taylor Creek Solar Energy Center in June 2020. The Ocala Electric Utility recently posted a video drive-by of the Harmony solar farm, which is located in Osceola County. 

Solar panels at Harmony Solar Energy Center fields in Osceola County
Solar panels at Harmony Solar Energy Center fields in Osceola County

The Harmony Solar Energy Center has nearly 300,000 solar panels on site. 

“Community solar allows the generation of energy without installments on the home. Ocala Electric Utility wants to bring clean energy to our customers and lower emissions within our community,” reads a Facebook post from the Ocala Electric Utility, whose staff recently toured the farm. 

According to the FMPA, over the past year, the Harmony and Taylor Creek solar sites have generated more than 370,000 megawatt hours. That is enough energy to power approximately 31,576 homes per year. The sites have also reduced carbon emissions equivalent to eliminating over 262,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide or taking more than 57,000 vehicles off the road annually.

“We are proud to be a part of the FMPA. Going green saves our environment and leads the way for future generations.” 

The Florida Municipal Solar Project is a partnership between the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) and 16 public power utilities, including Ocala Electric Utility. 

According to the Ocala Electric Utility, receives 7 MW of solar power from Phase I, and will receive an additional 23 MW of power from Phase II. 

According to the FMPA, the partnership hopes to build five solar farms totaling 1.5 million solar panels to generate nearly 375 megawatts by the end of 2023. 

Nearby Alachua and Mount Dora are also partners in the project. 

Visit the city of Ocala Community Solar Program Application if you are interested in having a percentage of your monthly utility bill to be designated as solar energy.