NC brewery uses the sun to power its beer; State ranks 3rd in US for solar energy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – Birdsong Brewing has been a Queen City staple for 10 years.

“We brew a bunch of really fun, unfiltered American style ales,” Birdsong president Chris Goulet said. “We do seasonals throughout the year and limited releases, and we have five year-round beers as well.”

In the brew-making process at Birdsong Brewing in Charlotte, you got big fermenters that are actually brewing that beer, then you have tanks that are storing the beer having it ready to be packaged. The refrigeration system keeping both cold is being powered by solar panels on the roof.

Being environmentally conscious was always a part of the business plan for Goulet.

“We recycle all of our corrugated, we recycle all of our stretch wrap film, we donate all of our grain, compost our spent yeast and spent hops,” he said. “We also produce our own nitrogen on-site which allows us to reduce our CO2 use by more than 50 percent.”