Letter: Solar Panels Can Offer Shade and Power to Use | Opinion

I recently read a letter to the editor concerned about all the new parking that the new USGA headquarters will necessitate. There was a suggestion of putting the parking underground. I’m not sure how secure an underground parking structure in the sand would be, but how about instead installing solar panel canopies above the parking lots?

I thought of this as I entered my sweltering hot car that had been sitting in the sun all day while I was at work, and thought how nice it would be to have a solar panel shading my car from the sun and heat AND producing energy to run the building outside of which I was parked.

Imagine how much energy an entire parking lot could generate for the building on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be something to at least investigate as a possibility? It would not only save energy, keep cars cooler, produce energy for the buildings, it would demonstrate that the USGA is looking forward, for solar is the wave of the future and one of the ways to stop the climate crisis.

Imagine the drone views over the solar-power parking lot during the broadcasts of the tournaments played at Pinehurst — an example for the whole golf world. Imagine all the parking lots in all the golf courses in the country, in the world, protected by and supplied by solar panels.

For that matter, why wouldn’t there be solar panels over every parking lot everywhere? But I’m getting carried away. Let’s start with the Pinehurst USGA parking lot and go from there. At least do a feasibility study and publish the conclusions.

Laurie O’Loughlin, Pinehurst

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