Large-scale renewable energy projects expected to increase in WI

There's a lot in it for farmers to lease their land for renewable energy projects. A wind turbine only needs up to a half-acre of space and can bring in $10,000 a year in passive income.

Despite 40% of Wisconsin’s energy coming from coal plants, some communities are making the transition to wind and solar energy through large-scale solar parks and wind farms.

The transition reflects a desire and need to find alternative energy sources in the pursuit of carbon-reduced emissions and more sustainable energy. The state’s utilities, like Wisconsin Public Service, We Energies and Alliant Energy are all looking to purchase more of these large-scale facilities, says Matt Johnson, who is the field of operations director for the Wisconsin Land and Liberty Coalition.

Johnson said these facilities are quickly becoming more cost-effective and efficient as a serious competitor to more traditional forms of energy, like coal, natural gas and even nuclear. He said they also generate job creation and other economic benefits for rural communities and include a guaranteed life span of at least a few decades.