Kerala to add 900MW to its solar power capability

Governor explains about State’s plans to achieve self-sufficiency in power sector

The State government expects to add 900 megawatts (MW) to Kerala’s solar power capability in the next two years, Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s policy address to the Assembly on Friday has indicated.

Till date, 290 MW of solar power had been added, the policy address said.

The second stage of the Idukki power project, which would have a power generation capacity of 780 MW, would be commenced soon. The project had an outlay of ₹7,000 crore.

Efforts would be taken to ensure that the State achieved self-sufficiency in power by augmenting internal generation capacity and regulating power imports with a long-term perspective, Mr. Khan said in the policy address. “The progress of various hydro electrical projects under construction totalling a generation capacity of 170 MW will be closely monitored and commissioned,” he said.

Efforts to provide electricity connections to remote areas not yet covered under the distribution networks would be undertaken, the Governor said.