Here Is the Luxurious Mega-Cat: Sunreef 100 Comes With Sails, Solar Power

Sunreef Yachts has been around since 2002, and to this day, it offers a wide lineup of catamarans with a variety of propulsion variants. The fact that it’s also offering customizable layouts, depending on the future owner’s needs and taste, makes the lineup all the more appealing.

In recent years, Sunreef has been drawing even more attention by taking its standard engine catamarans and offering them as Eco options, with either sail-assist or solar panels that feed the large battery packs. With its cats, Sunreef proposes noise- and emissions-free voyages around the world, virtually unlimited range, and the promise of exploring new territories without leaving a trace.

In short, Sunreef Yachts seems to have the winning proposition for the world’s seafarers, especially if they’re equally rich and environmentally focused: a vessel that’s stable, luxurious, reliable, easy to run and maintain, and as green as it gets. The latest in the lineup is all these things, but better—because it’s also the largest.

Sunreef 100 is the latest cat in the lineup, which also includes the Sunreef 40, 50, 60, 70, and the recently introduced Sunreef 80. It’s offered as a standard power option with twin 1,300-hp engines and the eco option with solar panels. As of this month, a sail version is also available, called mega-cat, the sailing catamaran.

This newest version comes with twin 280-hp engines and supplementary propulsion via the sails, making it more efficient and more eco-friendly. It is designed for all-year navigation on all waters, even though one usually associates catamarans with smooth water sailing. In reality, cats have the advantage of added stability due to their twin hull and increased speed and efficiency.

The Sunreef 100 has a total length of 28.63 meters (93.9 feet; close to 100, hence the name), and a maximum beam of 13.5 meters (44.3 feet) that allows for incredible interior volume. It can accommodate up to 12 guests, beside a 4-person crew, and comes with a customizable layout, like all its other siblings.

With a total of 437 square meters (4,700 square feet) of living space, Sunreef 100 offers the possibility of adding extra-luxe amenities on board, such as a spa-pool or spa area, an office, a bar, or a fitness room. Granted, the level of luxury is subdued if you compare it to what you get on today’s super- or megayachts, but then again, with neither of those do you get the promise of clean, environmentally-friendly sailing.

Highlights of the layout include an open dining area on the flybridge and a hydraulic platform aft that serves as a beach club or helps launch the two jet skis housed in the tender garage. Elsewhere on board, there is room to store smaller water toys because no vacation would be complete without them.

With a composite hull and expansive glazing, Sunreef 100 makes for an “imposing presence,” regardless of whether the future owner opts for the sail-assisted version or the solar panel-equipped one.

Sunreef Yachts doesn’t mention a price for the latest addition to the ever-growing family of green cats, but consider this: a brand-new, 2021 model of Sunreef 80, the Power variant, which is not eco-friendly, is now on sale for €6.7 million (approximately $8.2 million at the current exchange rate). Last June, tennis champ Rafael Nadal paid a reported $5 million for his, which he commissioned in 2019.

In other words, a 2021 Sunreef 100 Eco will be a bigger investment, but a guilt-free conscience is invaluable. Is it not?