FPL implodes its Indiantown coal plant, announces solar energy center

INDIANTOWN — Florida Power & Light Co. will build its newest solar energy center here, making the announcement moments before blowing up its last remaining coal-fired power plant.

State and local leaders and other VIPs watched the implosion Wednesday morning as the 495-foot chimney toppled like a domino and an 800-foot coal chute collapsed by its legs.

The 15-second spectacle created a thunderous boom and a shockwave felt by observers more than a quarter-mile away.

Smoke lingered in the sky above what had been the Indiantown Cogeneration Plant as FPL representatives celebrated their next endeavor toward clean energy.

“Today is about ending one era, and I’m very very happy to announce us ringing in a new era,” FPL President and CEO Eric Silagy said just the implosion.