East Jordan Shoe Club Unveils New Solar Panels for School After Eight Month Long Project

On Earth Day, the students in East Jordan Middle and High School’s Shoe Club were able to unveil their EJ Solar Spark project to the whole community.

Img 5569“The excitement’s been building for so long, and to actually be here is pretty surreal,” said senior Nathan Newman.

The project goal was to raise $70,000 to purchase 71 solar panels by Earth Day to power the school, and they did just that.

“We’ve been working since literally the first day of school on this project,” said teacher and Shoe Club mentor Matt Hamilton. “Talking about it, planning, meeting, doing all kinds of work for this project.”

The club held an unveiling of the solar panel array on Earth Day.

“There’s not a more perfect day to unveil solar panels and renewable energy and sustainable energy for your school than Earth Day,” said Hamilton.

“It’s amazing how we were able to raise $70,000 and have this all up by Earth Day without there being any delay,” said seventh grader Rylan McBannel.

The club was able to purchase an extra solar panel, making the whole array 72 30 kilowatt panels, enough to power three average sized homes.

“Over the week, we’ve seen the railing the panels sit on go up, we’ve seen panel after panel as this array kept getting larger and larger,” said Newman.

The Shoe Club says they couldn’t have completed this project without the help of the community.

“Sustainable energy is really important, and I think having a project where students and community members could all come together and achieve a goal like this, it kind of gave everybody a really positive thing to look forward to,” said Newman.

The school website, as well as the Shoe Club’s, will have data on how much energy the panels are producing on a daily basis, within the next few weeks.