Dane County announces first solar-powered park and campground

(WKOW) — Dane County kicked off Earth Week with the announcement of its first solar-powered park and campground at William G. Lunney Lake Farm Park in Madison.

More than 460 panels on four buildings will provide electricity to campers and daytime visitors.

There’s also a new solar-powered system going in at the Lussier Family Heritage Center that will give the facility more than 90% of the power it needs.

“In addition to the jobs that were created, the tax dollars that are saved, the carbon that’s not created by this energy, it’s not really a question of should we do this. It’s a question of why would you not. It would be fiscally irresponsible not to invest in renewable energy, like we’re doing in Dane County,” said Executive Joe Parisi.

Dane County owns more solar-powered systems than any other county in the state, generating more than 800 kW of power.