Clearloop’s new Jackson solar field to power 200 homes in city, close to 1 million watt goal

The future site of the Clearloop solar project.

Jackson will see a boost in clean, green energy soon thanks to the development of a new solar farm built by Clearloop, a start-up company looking to help corporations reduce their carbon footprint while investing in Tennessee.

The company, which functions similarly to a crowd-funding project, allows corporations to invest in the number of solar panels that would reverse the effects of their 2020 carbon footprint, therefore “closing the loop” on clean energy.

“We’ve been talking a lot about Jackson, and we’re really excited it’s coming together,” said Lauren Zapata, co-founder of Clearloop. “We were really excited that we will be making our first solar project happen in Jackson.

“Seeing all these companies come together—companies that may have not invested in Jackson before, and are investing in the solar project–really excites us.”