City of Madison, Dane Co. launch renewable energy program

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -The City of Madison and Dane County launched their 2021 solar programs Tuesday, aimed at providing better access to renewable energy.

The MadiSun program include initiatives and grants for local residents, businesses and nonprofits, according to the City.

“Now in its sixth year, the MadiSUN program offers a way for residents, businesses, nonprofits, and affordable housing providers to go solar,” the city’s Sustainability Program Coordinator, Stacie Reece said. “Every rooftop solar installation contributes to the City of Madison’s goal of 100% renewable energy and helps reduce carbon emissions.”

There are three programs for people to take advantage of solar energy. Homeowners can participate in the Solar Group Buy program by installing solar panels on their rooftops, while the Solar for Business program will give grants to area businesses looking to install these systems. The Backyard Solar program will also provide up to $10,000 to affordable housing providers and nonprofits who want to install solar panels.

The City explained that the Group Buy program is expanding this year to all of Dane County, plus the number of solar contractors will expand. Sam Dunaiski, Program Director for MadiSUN, explained that they partnered with Full Spectrum Solar, Midwest Solar Power, and Arch Electric to ensure residents had multiple options to choose from.

“Residents in rural portions of Dane County have different needs than residents in urban or suburban areas. Homeowners will now have access to more solar contractors and the different materials and services they provide,” said Dunaiski.

There will be low-interest loans for solar arrays available for those who want to finance their solar panels, the City added.

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